Curly hair for men, how to keep it?

Curly hair for men can become a real weapon of seduction, but they require special care and proper attention. To find a curly hairstyle for men that respects the hair without resulting in a sloppy look is fundamental. Always associated with the idea of a man always in between rebellion and mystery, thick and curly hair requires the advice of an expert in men hairstyling, and the use of specific products to model, fix or give it an irresistible natural effect. The latest trends for 2017 men haircuts make popular, on one hand, “messy” and disheveled hair, while, on the other one, straighter “good guy” style’s haircuts. In both cases, curly hair provide endless opportunities to be played on all lengths.


Care and styling of curly hair for men

To take care of curly hair for men (as well as for women) is not as simple as it might seem. Given their proverbial indomitability, the risk of giving a messy and sloppy impression, especially in some formal occasions or business contexts, is always around the corner, not to mention the natural need of hydration, which is essential to avoid frizzy effects. To overcome the first problem, men tend to use gels or modeling waxes to tame rebellious head of hair or, more drastically, to prefer very short cuts and shaves. Concerning the second problem, it is good to consider that even men’s curly hair require special steps during washing, drying and styling. However, even to show off a seductive and cured curly hair is still possible. Taglio capelli ricci L'Italiano Parrucchieri Milano

In fact, there are tips and techniques for the treatment of men’s curly hair that can be put into practice without any major efforts. The first rule is never subject your hair to excessive stress, trying to wash them no more than 3-4 times a week and using specific shampoos for this type of hair, to reduce frizz and moisturizing it deeply. The most suitable products for men’s curly hair are those made with flax seed. Even the use of the balm is recommended especially on longer and thick hair, to disentangle and nourish it. Also to know how to dry men’s curly hair is crucial: the best solution would be to avoid hairdryers, letting them dry naturally. However, where it is not possible, hair diffuser is to be preferred, to give the right volume to the hair. Concerning hairstyle and styling, the best advice is to not manipulate too much your hair (especially hair tips), using only your fingers. If you just can not do without the comb, wide-tooth one is the most suitable.


Best haircuts for curly men

Whether you opt for a short, medium or long haircut, the ideas for men’s curly hair are many, and the opportunities are endless. The latest trends in men’s hair style leave ample space for curly hair, replicated at different lengths and perfect for every look. The trend for men’s spring-summer 2017 haircuts define a man in perfect bohemian style with mysterious and rebel personality, but also more refined classic “good guy” styling. In both cases, curly hair is extremely enhanced, with a common denominator: the lateral line that in some cases allows to give order to the hair, in other cases to underline the “wild” effect of curly hair.


Styling capelli ricci L'Italiano Parrucchieri MilanoWhen it comes to men’s curly hair, the natural and a bit rebellious effect is always fascinating: there are many VIPs and celebrities flaunting enviable wild hair and hairstyling that set the trends. How not to mention the “sexy and bad boy” look of beloved Kit Harington and James Franco or the rebellious head of hair of Italian actors Luca Argentero and Riccardo Scamarcio? Also for the coming season, then, we say yes to “I don’t care, but I care” messy effects, that can be obtained, for example, through the medium-long bob haircut, that can ensure vaporous and cured curly hair. To rule the business are, in fact, versatile haircuts of medium lengths, proposed this year with rebellious and lateral line clump. Another possibility is to opt for an all-over hair with volume and long and dense non disheveled fringe for a more rigorous look. Some stylists even offer medium layered haircuts with free locks of hair for a “I don’t care, but I care” messy effect, always scaled by the inevitable side line. For lovers of the lengths, there will also be a throwback to curly wet look over the entire head of hair, with lateral tuft or row in the center to give order to hair. Finally, are worth being mentioned short haircuts for men’s curly hair, with the now popular side shaves and voluminous tufts rebels to revive the look. And what about latest grooming trends? Apparently, summer 2017 will move long and cured beards to the background, in favor of moustaches that will be a big success in all their variants.